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Learn Violin Foundation!

Welcome to Learn Violin Foundation! "This program includes violin foundations, scale & arpeggios practice, and etudes" Why is it SO important to have good foundation to play the violin? Let's say you are building a village. If you have great foundations, your house would be so strong. It can survive from any natural disasters. If you know how to build a strong house, your second and third houses will be also strong as well. With solid structures, you can decorate houses in any ways you want! Yes, your guess is right! You can decorate your music! In order to enjoy your playing, we should not be worried about technical issues. Here we are. Let's learn the violin foundation! These lessons are for beginners to professional violinists. They are must know skills for the violin playing! If you are a beginner, it can be a good start! If you are an advanced amateur, it can be helpful to solve your questions like why your musical expression is not enough, why you are in pain in some parts of you body or why certain musical passages are hard to play. If you are a professional violinist, it can be helpful to teach your students or solve problems your students have.


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