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Master Suzuki Violin 1  (Online Learning Group)

I am a violin pedagogue and performer based in North California, United States. In this course, you will do daily assignments I created, giving you an effective way to approach practice by understanding body mechanisms and making music naturally. For example, most beginners think that it is impossible to avoid squeaky sounds on the violin. However, I have realized that anyone, whether students have musical talent or not at any age, can understand how we should use certain parts of muscles for specific reasons. Thirteen years of teaching experience have taught me to apply three principal concepts for students to be better violin players: playing physically at ease, visualizing sound, and playing musically.


The Suzuki method is an educational system that students can learn and memorize music. Although we are using the Suzuki Book, I am not focused on only the Suzuki Method. From age 6 to adults are capable of understanding the body mechanisms. In my assignments in every session, you will learn how to practice, what to think about, and how to avoid common mistakes people make. It will help you to apply for future learning effectively.


You will learn 17 songs in A major, D major, and G major in this book. Moreover, you will be able to learn techniques and apply them to other pieces. By the end of the course, you will have concepts of how you can consciously practice like professionals do and get comfortable with playing music in the first position.

 Online Violin Lessons

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