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Our students deserve to have an education that is student-centered. For our students to learn, they must be engaged in their own educational process. Having students at the core of their own learning process necessitates their collaboration by allowing them to have a say about what they are learning, how they are learning, and exhibit that learning. I plan to create a collaborative learning environment where students can enhance their learning experience through helping and working with each other. This approach will not only engage students to process and synthesize information and concepts to gain a more complete understanding, it will also create a culturally inclusive classroom community that fosters a sense of belonging and respect.


Fifteen years of teaching experience have taught me to apply three principal concepts for students to be better violin players: playing physically at ease, visualizing sound, and playing musically. 

  • Holding the violin wrongly can be painful which limits the player’s full abilities. The wrong posture may cause neck, shoulder, and wrist pain that can go worse with time. Students may have a hard time creating music they desire because they have not found their most comfortable balanced posture. Having a good posture is like the surface of a whiteboard where an artist freely converts her ideas into creative arts. 

  • Visualizing sound is the next step. Drawing tools like crayons, pencils, and brushes represent the different types of techniques players should be able to use properly. When a player starts distinguishing sound to the point of visualizing it, this means that the player has reached an advanced level of musicality. Hence, having subtleties of sound helps students play as soloists and in ensembles.

  • Playing musically conveys emotions and feelings. When players successfully express their emotions through music, the audience appreciates the music. Playing violin should elicit a particular emotional response to the listener. 

My role as a violin teacher is to work with my students to have these concepts met. The purpose of my teaching is to see my students capable of making beautiful music with a greater sense of direction and story. 

Every classroom represents its own unique community. Therefore, as an educator, my role will be to assist and guide each student in developing their own potential and learning styles. I believe that teaching styles must be flexible to support all students. Everybody learns in different ways, and as a teacher, my job is to make those different ways possible.


Jinny is an experienced violinist who teaches using her lived experiences to cater towards the personal needs of her students. She is patient, meticulous, and determined to help you work through whichever frustrations you inevitably encounter on your way towards improving as a musician. In her lessons she covers all aspects of violin playing from articulation and intonation, to phrasing and musicality. Because Jinny is knowledgeable, genuinely invested in the success of her students and has a buoyant approach towards teaching, I believe that she has all the characteristics that make a great violin teacher and have seen a good amount of personal improvement in areas that I struggled with on my own that proves the efficacy of her teaching. I would recommend Jinny’s Violin Studio for anyone trying to improve as a violinist or in need of guidance through practice.

Sophia Lee

My 8-year-old daughter has been learning violin from Jinny for the past 7+ months, and has dramatically been transformed into a musically-oriented and stable kid in many aspects: She used only to listen to Kidz Bop and has expanded her musical enjoyment to classical genre as well, esp. strings in general (e.g. by requesting me to play violin music in a car, which never happened before); is now comfortable in reading sheet music (which I couldn't make happen before); is able to stay focused for 45+ minutes, which is helping her with other static activities such as reading, writing etc. (she used to complain about boredom and physical pain about being in a static position more than 10 minutes); got her self-esteem boosted up since she gets a sense of accomplishment herself by witnessing how she gets disciplined enough to show up and also how she improves; and last but not least, got to express and regulate her emotions through music.

I am convinced that all the above were possible because Jinny, with her delicate sensibilities with people, ceaselessly studies pedagogical approaches (not just in teaching violin techniques though I was impressed with her attention to detailed movement and tension of each finger knuckle as well as muscles of my daughter's back and shoulder etc., but in engaging children with lessons and her and assessing their needs) and enhances herself.

To our family, Jinny's violin lessons have become such an integral part for our child to get her life organized and a sense of calm, which gives the whole family a therapeutic effect in this challenging time.


Learning in Jinny's Violin Studio will not only boost your skills in a short period of time but it will also take you the long way. You will find yourself having stronger foundation and you will start to grow musically exponentially. Learning from her for 4 years, I realized that not only technique and skills are an important part of violin, but the sound and music. Extremely helpful for all levels. :)

Sarah Moon

Jinny has been my violin teacher for the past three years, and I feel so lucky to have her as my teacher not only because she is professional and patient but also she makes learning music/violin fun and enjoyable. She is very passionate about teaching and really cares about her students. The best part of her teaching is that she motivates her students by setting goals, listening to her students, teaching the music that I love and holding 2-3 annual recitals. If you are looking for a great violin teacher, talk to Jinny now


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