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Jinny Lee Violin Studio - Studio Policy

Tuition Rates:
  • 45 minutes: $120 (For children under 7 years only)

  • ​60 minutes: $150

Studio Recitals:
  • The studio concert is scheduled once a year.

  • Students playing with a pianist will be expected to pay the pianist separately for rehearsal lessons. Prices vary depending on the pianist.

  • Additionally, on the day of the concert, students are required to pay for any additional expenses around $100 - $160.


Competitions & Auditions:
  • Advanced students are expected to start learning new music pieces at least 3-4 months before the competitions and auditions to be technically and musically ready.

  • Orchestra audition dates are typically in April. Seating auditions happen in August before the orchestra's start date. Often, there are extra opening auditions in January.

  • Competitions typically range from February-March or October-November.

  • Preparation for All-State Orchestra for junior high to high school starts in July.


Cancellation/Make-Up Policy:
  1. Cancellation or rescheduling of a lesson must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time. Advanced written cancelation notice may be made via text message or email.

  2. No-shows, or missing a lesson without notifying the teacher, is considered a forfeited lesson. There is no refund.

  3. If two more lessons are canceled within a 30-day period, it is at the discretion of the teacher to continue any agreement of any kind and students are subject to immediate termination.

  4. All lessons are scheduled ahead of time. When the student cannot make a lesson, and prior notice is provided, there is no rescheduling or cancellation fee.

  5. Any make-up lessons can be made online or credited for the following month.


Lesson Termination:

For a lesson agreement to be terminated, a formal written request for consent of termination must be sent via email or text 30 days prior. If a student chooses to terminate lessons without providing 30 days' notice, the total costs of termination are calculated by prorating lessons for the following 30 days of the termination date.


Tardy Policy:

There is no grace period for being late to a lesson. Lessons are scheduled for a set duration whether the student attends or does not attend. Students have up to ten minutes for packing, unpacking, tuning, etc.

Payment Options:
  • Zelle (preferred): or (650)379-5273

  • Venmo ID: @vnJinny

  • An invoice will be provided monthly via email upon request.


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