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Jinny Lee's Teaching Philosophy - Inspiring Musicians of All Levels

My unique teaching method for the violin is based on my personal experience as a musician and teacher. When I see my students play, I pay close attention to their body mechanics, as playing the violin well requires playing at ease and with musical interpretation.

I used to struggle with many problems when I played the violin, including pain in different muscle parts. Solving these problems made my violin playing much more comfortable and enjoyable, which led me to develop my teaching method.

Through my past experience, I have learned which muscles and joints are not properly used when a performer struggles to play the violin. My job is to help my students identify and solve these problems, so they can enjoy creating music more.

In my teaching, I use specific techniques and strategies to correct body mechanics, overcome pain, and develop musical interpretation. I work closely with my students, providing feedback and guidance on how to improve their playing. I also use exercises and drills to reinforce good habits and help students overcome bad ones.

The effectiveness of my teaching method is demonstrated by the progress my students have made under my tutelage. Many of them have improved their playing and have become more confident musicians. I am proud of the impact my teaching has had on their lives.

In conclusion, my unique teaching method for the violin is grounded in my personal experience and expertise. By focusing on body mechanics, overcoming pain, and developing musical interpretation, I am able to help you improve your playing and enjoy creating music more. I invite you to try my method and experience the joy of playing the violin for yourself.


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